The wife is 115cm tall, and the husband is 175. Despite her height, she is a happy wife and mother😍😍😍You will be shocked seeing their son. What dows he look like??? 

Despite everything, 29-year-old Tatyana Korshina from Angarsk was able to find her doormat and has already become a mother.

Every girl dreams of being carried by her beloved husband in his arms, and for 29-year-old Tatyana these dreams are a reality, because she is a dwarf.

Even in the maternity hospital, her mother was offered to abandon the child as soon as it became known about the disability, but the parents did not listen, this was their first and only child and they were not going to leave her. No one knows why this happened; there are no dwarfs in the family. The doctors answered: “Pathology.”

At home, Tanya was never considered special; she was treated like an ordinary child, and she went to kindergarten and school along with the other children.

“The children pointed, teased, and at best just looked askance. And then, apparently, the guys got used to me, and everything changed. I made friends, and I still communicate with some of them,” recalls Tatyana.

After school, the girl went to college to become a translator from Chinese, of course, there she also caught sidelong glances at herself (and still does), but as soon as people got to know her, they immediately forgot about her height. Tanya is a cheerful laugher, a very open and kind person.

Tatyana met her husband on a dating site. At first they corresponded for a long time, later the guy wanted to meet. The girl wrote to him, “I am very short,” she thought that he would now disappear, and he replied, “Now I definitely want to see you!”

“When I saw him, I was stunned – he is as tall as two of me: 186 cm! “I breathed into his navel,” the Siberian woman laughs. – But my 115 didn’t scare him, or didn’t show it. We spent the entire evening wandering the streets and chatting. The next day he wrote again and asked me out again. I kept thinking about how we were going to kiss (laughs). And when the moment happened, he picked me up,” says Tatyana.

After three years of relationship, the girl became pregnant. Apart from toxicosis at the beginning, the pregnancy went perfectly.

“I went on maternity leave only in the 7th month,” recalls Tatyana. — By that time, she had become practically a bun: her abdominal girth was 108 cm with a height of 115! Can you imagine this? To say that walking was difficult is to say nothing. She was holed up at home. And at the 8th month I had a caesarean section. A healthy baby was born!”

Everything was fine, but over time the couple began to quarrel. The reason is banal – the head of the family did not want to work. After some time, the couple separated. After breaking up with her husband, Tatyana, of course, was worried, but did not despair. She worked, devoted herself to the child and believed that she would find new love. And I found…

“Hello! My name is Roma. I am moving from the Trans-Baikal Territory to Angarsk, looking for friends here. Maybe we can meet and talk?” — she received a message on social networks from a handsome stranger 2 years ago.

“Lets do it!” — after thinking a little, Tatyana answered.

Now the couple has been together for 2 years, Roman carries his beloved in his arms in the most literal sense of the word. He loves her very much and admires his Thumbelina.

“He calls my child son,” the woman admits. “They got along great.” Roma believes in me so much, it inspires me. With him, I became independent for the first time and left my parents’ nest.”

Now both work: Roman makes custom-made wooden furniture, and Tatyana works as an operator in a security agency. The grandmother helps with raising the child, so the young people have time for themselves.

Let’s wish this wonderful couple happiness and family well-being!

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