“She has terrible flabby knees and pigmentation”: Aged Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell tenderly holding hands walk around Los Angeles

“She has terrible flabby knees and pigmentation”. Once beautiful actress Goldie Hawn was caught by paparazzi with her husband. They became very old and their appearance noticeably changed.

The beautiful actress Goldie Hawn and her equally magnificent and talented husband, actor Kurt Russell, have been living together for 37 years. Until now, the couple has not officially legalized their relationship, but they are very happy. The relationship between Goldie and Russell is a true example of sincerity of feelings and devoted love in Hollywood.

Recently, journalists managed to catch a couple as they slowly wandered through the cozy streets of Los Angeles.

Fans couldn’t resist the temptation and wrote several comments about the famous couple. Some wrote laudatory reviews about the relationship between famous artists, others noted that Goldie and Kurt had become very old. Hawn has changed especially noticeably.

But, despite the close attention of the paparazzi, the star-crossed lovers continue to live for their own pleasure, enjoying each other’s company.

What can you say about the appearance of the actors, did you like the way Goldie looks?

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