😲«Why is this mansion abandoned and what strange things were found in it?»🤔

Two urban explorers came into a 30,000-square-foot abandoned mansion that was furnished with lavish items.
BigBankz and Jeremy Abbott explored the allegedly haunted 10-bedroom, 11-bathroom property on camera.
“The man who built this mansion was extremely accomplished, having graduated from one of the best medical schools in the nation.” “He became a surgeon, a father of four, and even a recreational pilot,” stated Abbott, a.k.a. JeremyXplores.Out of respect for their privacy, he kept the family’s identity and the location of the megamansion a secret.

He further mentioned that in 2006, the individual reportedly managed nearby healthcare institutions and spent $10.5 million on creating a paradise for his family.
However, it seems that the father and one of his sons perished in an airplane accident when the home was still under construction.
His wife and their three surviving children were left in poverty since he didn’t appear to have paid their life insurance payment before he passed away.

The YouTubers claim that the family was forced to relocate out of the mansion because they could only afford to pay $50,000 a month toward the $8 million debt.BigBankz alleges that the home was owned by “a foreigner” until 2015 when he allegedly returned to his own country and ceased to pay property taxes.Abbott said that the mansion, which had a four-car garage, an elevator, a mahogany library, a mahogany bar, an indoor pool, and an outdoor sports complex, was abandoned for expensive items.There was a Mercedes-Benz, a Land Rover, and a Volkswagen Beetle.
A sparsely decorated “at least 12-foot” Christmas tree is located in the living room, and empty water bottles can be found in the refrigerator. The explorers surmised that a homeless person had “escaped out the window” when they arrived.

The most bizarre items Abbott found inside weren’t the pricey automobiles, the lavish furniture, or even the flat-screen TVs.
The most bizarre items Abbott found inside weren’t the pricey automobiles, the lavish furniture, or even the flat-screen TVs. “I found it quite strange that there were small items inside, such as the pricey jewelry and makeup in the bathroom or the high-end clothing in the closet, still with tags on.””I don’t understand why these things were left behind when they could have been easily packed up and moved whenever the family left the house,” Abbott continued.

Abbott said that he stumbled onto the estate by accident while browsing the internet for information about abandoned homes in the region.
The 11-hour adventure produced far better material and an incredible experience.

The amount of garbage that individuals produce and the amount of resources that are squandered daily are staggering. This property is an excellent example of this, according to Abbott.
“People are amazed and sad for the family and the house that nature is starting to devour—they are generally as shocked and saddened as I was when I first found this mega-mansion.”
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