People called her the girl with the most beautiful face in the world, and she grew up and surprised everyone! 🫢😳 This is what the prettiest baby girl looks like at 1️⃣7️⃣! See her new photos in this article! 👇

Here is Kristina Pimenova. As soon as her photos as a child hit the network, she became a star and deservedly gained the title «the girl with the prettiest face on Earth». Her archive photos still surface the network and many have been wondering how she appears now.

She disappeared from the spotlight after her family moved to America. Since then, most people still remembered her as a little child having no idea how much she has grown up and changed. And lately, she has celebrated her 17th birthday


It goes without saying that she has grown up and changed a great deal, but this doesn’t deny the fact that she still looks angelically beautiful even today and has many suitors. Her flawless bikini body makes men’s hearts beat faster.