A catchy dance from a spicy fat girl without complexes. This girl breaks stereotypes ! “Fat Girls Dance Too”. You should see it by yourself.

Groovy dance “WiggleWiggle” from a spicy fatty without complexes!

This curvy girl’s name is Whitney Thore. Her “Fat Girls Dance Too” dance went viral on YouTube. This video became the center of discussion on a global topic: “Are fat people beautiful or not?”

Whitney Thore is a vocal advocate for overweight people. She encourages big people to love themselves and be positive, and even founded the company Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Body to help all women and men be happy and live their lives free of shame.

Whitney currently hosts her own reality show on TLC, My Big Fat Wonderful Life. It features Whitney’s family, friends, dance career and her journey into mental, physical and emotional health.

She strives to initiate positive and lasting change in herself and others, and enjoys every inch of her body and her life. When she’s not filming, she’s writing her first book, I Do It With The Lights On, which will be published this year.

Whitney reads that every person on the planet is FANTASTIC! And now the catchy dance “WiggleWiggle” from a spicy fatty without complexes!

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