A house in Cornwall is four hundred years old. We’ve done the renovation, what’s inside now?

This house was founded in 1680. It remained like this for three hundred years. Recently, a young family bought it. You will be shocked when you see how they renovated this old house.

In those years, when the apple had not yet fallen on Sir Isaac Newton, this house was founded in 1680 in the town of Cornwall. The northern coast, a damp, harsh climate, the residents tried to build a reliable house so that it could withstand all winds. They built it without a design, to suit their needs. It remained like this for three hundred years.

Recently, a young family bought it, but didn’t move in right away: it needed renovation. With modern housing requirements, it is no longer possible to move into old stone walls; people need comfort, safety, and the benefits of civilization. plumbing, electricity, internet.

“We also redid the interiors,” says the owner, “although we tried to preserve the rustic chic, as it was understood before.

I had to figure out how to give the space lightness and volume: the poor saved money during construction, they abandoned high ceilings, and they made the windows small. It was a bit dark inside, the ceilings were oppressive. So the couple decided to paint the walls and ceiling white. Even the window frames were made white so as not to lose daylight.

Of course, we had to add chandeliers and spotlights. This is how an element of style appeared in the room, and the mirrors reflect the light flows.

Dining room

The dining room is also bright. The owners carefully cleaned out the old fireplace, which is still working, and turned it into the accent of the house. A place to rest was set up next to it; a leather chair invites you to read while warming yourself by the live fire. Another chair with sheepskin is nearby, by the window. Inside the old house there are a living room and a dining room; the kitchen was built separately, as was the bathroom. A staircase leads up from the fireplace, and there are two bedrooms upstairs.

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