He remained a single father and decided to move his daughter to a dilapidated house. Everyone had fun, but then they were ashamed

A young man was left alone with his daughter and he could only afford to buy this dilapidated house. But you will be shocked when you see how he transformed it. It  is unrecognizable

They say a person is not given more than he can bear. Marek’s fate turned out to be so difficult that many felt sorry for him, but he deserves all the more admiration.

A simple village boy from Poland, he graduated from school without much success, got married early, and what else to do in the wilderness? It was possible to live and live, but my wife was bored, she didn’t want to bother with the child, she became interested in illegal substances. Marek could not persuade her to return to normal life, and decided that the child should not see all this. He and his daughter went to see their mother.

Mom left very early, just a few months after the move – and she was gone. For a long time she restrained Marek’s brothers, loafers and slackers, but after her departure they immediately moved to their home and began to organize drunken brawls. Marek again needed to save his daughter. Even the most terrible house seemed better than the insane uncles, their friends and the constantly empty refrigerator.

Marek’s money was only enough for the oldest house, which was practically a wreck. But the man decided that you couldn’t rehabilitate your relatives, but the house could still be saved if only you had hands in the right place. Make at least one room, you can already live.

Home repairs

It’s a pity that youth and enthusiasm are not accompanied by life experience; Marek was unlucky. It turned out that the house requires serious investments, and the state does not finance young fathers in difficult situations. This means that Marek only had what he could earn for expenses. As a result, the hardworking guy spent almost three years renovating just one room. The house really disappointed him: there was no sewerage in it, no running water, how could a guy cope with a baby in his arms?

Of course, the young father is spinning around as best he can.

The baby is already trying to help her dad, but things are moving slowly, everything comes down to a lack of finances. The young father does not aspire to luxury housing, does not chase expensive tiles and furniture. He would just like to put things in order, make the house safe for the child, but the project was too complex, he has too little time left, and his earnings are very small.

Cracks on the walls, deep and frequent.

The floors are bare and cracked.

Open wiring.

This is only a small part of the difficulties that we had to overcome with an active little girl in our arms. Marek would gladly give up everything, but he has nowhere to run.

One day he was lucky, he was noticed by a TV program about repairs. Journalists liked the charming characters. the family was moved to a hotel and began to help the poor fellows. Marek watched what was happening in the house through the window. And the journalists tried to please their hero, to show him a little of the life that the family could not even dream of. The girl was given a ride on a horse, Marek was able to fly in a helicopter.

The builders involved Marek’s friends in the work, who fought for so long for his baby and tried to create conditions for her to live. And what a beautiful result!

The house has improved both outside and inside. It is bright, spacious, full of air. The roof no longer leaks, the floors are warm. There is no cold coming from the windows. The girl’s room is completely safe and beautiful; TV viewers even gave the family comfortable furniture. The house has modern plumbing, storage cabinets and even a TV. Flowers are growing, the clock is ticking. And the girl is now growing up in warmth and safety, and the touched father is eternally grateful to everyone who gave him this opportunity.

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