Why are friends against Shakira’s relationship with an actor who is 16 years younger?

Shakira began an affair two years after a scandalous divorce from Gerard Pique.Who is a celebrity ready to entrust her heart to and why her friends are against this relationship?

As it became known, Shakira began an affair two years after a scandalous divorce from Gerard Pique . And, curiously, the Colombian singer’s chosen one again became a man younger than her. True, this time the age difference between the lovers was 16 years. Who is a celebrity ready to entrust her heart to and why her friends are against this relationship, you will find out in our material in the next couple of minutes.

Shakira started an affair

As you might guess, the news that Shakira has started a new romance cannot but surprise. After all, it would seem that just recently the singer experienced a scandalous breakup with football player Gerard Pique . However, 2 years have already passed. It is worth recalling that their relationship lasted for 12 years. Moreover, the celebrity gave birth to two sons from the athlete. After Pique’s betrayal, the artist moved to the USA. It was here that she decided to start life from scratch.

But the singer never managed to take a break from all sorts of gentlemen and fans. After all, today everyone is discussing Shakira’s new novel . It is curious that rumors about the artist’s relationship appeared after the release of the music video for her joint song with Cardi B “Punteria”. The fact is that some of the scenes in the video were piquant. So, the heroine of our material appeared in the frame with Lucien Laviscount.

The latter is a British actor. He has such TV series under his belt as Coronation Street, Scream Queens and Emily in Paris. Moreover, and importantly, the man is 16 years younger than Shakira. Curiously, attentive Internet users notice that the singer is repeating her experience with Pique. After all, as you know, the relationship with the football player also began after filming in a music video.

“Desperate to fall in love”

However, what is no less curious, the artist’s friends are categorically against Laviscount’s candidacy for the title of Shakira’s chosen one. “Shakira desperately wants to fall in love. But her friends are shocked by the singer’s choice. Lucien slowly made his way to fame, dating women who were less famous than Shakira. Close celebrities are afraid that he will simply take advantage of the situation for the sake of his own popularity. And with Shakira this is guaranteed to happen.”

At first glance, it may seem that the singer’s friends react to the Briton with prejudice. But the actor’s personal life only confirms their fears. The fact is that over the years of his life, Lucien managed to make his mark in the company of many women. This was especially true for Laviscount’s colleagues on the set.

Lover Hero

Sophie Reid from Celebrity Big Brother, Keke Palmer from Scream Queens, Brooke Vincent from Coronation Street, Chelsea Healey from Waterloo Street, Kelly Osbourne and even Hannah John-Kamen. By the way, on the Big Brother show, Lucien even distinguished himself by having an affair with singer and TV presenter Kerry Katona. She is also older than the British man and is the mother of many children. All this, of course, was not a problem for their relationship at all.

Moreover, according to Lucien, things were moving towards a wedding. But soon Kerry herself broke off the relationship. According to the latter, she considered her chosen one to be too young to take away his best years. Although, according to insiders, the main reason was Laviscount’s incessant flirting with other women.

And more recently, in 2023, Lucien even provoked rumors of an affair with Camille Raza, a colleague in the series “Emily in Paris.” It is curious that the actress herself has been in a relationship for many years and is even engaged. Another flirt? Be that as it may, the fears of Shakira’s friends are becoming quite understandable. However, at this stage, all that remains is to watch the development of their romance.

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