If you have a dilapidated barn, you can turn it into a summer house. You’ll just be amazed

The neighbours complained about this dilapidated barn. It must either be demolished or repaired. And the owner decided to transform it into a summer house. YOu won’t believe your eyes when you see how it looks now?

The owner of this old barn is an ordinary woman. For a long time she didn’t get around to sorting out her property; the shed was dilapidated, but at some point she realized it was time to do something with it. The neighbors complained that it wouldn’t have burned down. This means that it must either be demolished or repaired. The hostess decided, why not try it?

She examined her property more closely and decisively threw away the old, rotten trash. It turned out that the inside of the shed was still quite good, lined with wooden panels and not damp. Therefore, the owner simply painted it white from the inside and treated it for mold. And at the same time I added a large window to make the room bright and airy.

In the center she arranged a living room that opens into a hallway. At the entrance I used an interesting branch as a clothes hanger.

I also thought about the floor: special paint impregnated with a dark color added contrast to the space. As a place to sleep, the girl bought a folding sofa, which saves space.

If you narrow your plans a little, you can fit in a comfortable kitchen area even in such a small house. Everything is here: a stove with an oven, and a refrigerator. There is a sink and a table.

There is even a bathroom with a shower and sink, rest – I don’t want to!!!

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