The house is small, and there are not 30 square meters. But look how thoughtful and cozy it is

I saw this sweet little house in Sweden. The Swedes are generally supporters of ideal fusion with nature, comfort, and know how to fit architecture into the surrounding environment. Look at this house, it is contrasting, but how appropriate it looks against the backdrop of green trees and meadows, against the blue sky. The owners deliberately chose a small area of ​​the house so that the plot remains large.

They moved the rest areas out from under the roof into the courtyard. Benches and a table for relaxing are clearly visible; move them wherever you want. And wicker chairs with an umbrella over them also look very charming.

The beloved northern Scandinavian style is here in all its glory: perfect comfort in the smallest details, lack of visual overload, simplicity. Therefore, even the small space inside the house does not oppress, it is cozy and very comfortable.

How the space was organized

The sitting area is located right at the entrance to the house. There is also storage for outerwear. There is a sofa and a separate chair for guests. There is a table, someone comes up with the idea to read or drink tea. The right color of textiles creates coziness.

The kitchen immediately attracts attention: it has interesting furniture and quite a lot of functional decor. There is everything you need for convenience, but nothing extra. A wooden table can be used for work and for eating.

The house may be small, but it can accommodate a large family, there is even a children’s room. The bedroom was set up in the attic, although the stairs leading up there are not the most convenient. But young people or children will have fun upstairs on a cozy mattress. Any space can be made comfortable if there is a desire.

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