«To Aim for the Perfect Look, She Became a Silicone Doll: 😫The 65-Year-Old Madonna Received Backlash For Her Disfigured Look!»🤬  

Due to their contemporary fixation with beauty, celebrities are frequently driven to have extensive cosmetic surgery for the sake of enhancing one single feature, which can result in dramatic alterations to the entire face or even the body. From a remedial procedure, plastic surgery has developed into a kind of pastime or even an addiction for many.

One of the best examples of a famous person who chases youth forever is Madonna. The artist, who is older than most, vehemently disagrees with the idea of growing old gracefully. Even at 65, she still projects a sexual image, frequently displaying her nude body and claiming her status as a sex icon. Madonna used to be praised as an icon, but these days, people more often compare her to a parody.

Madonna recently posted pictures from the exhibition of her son Rocco. Her only biological kid with filmmaker Guy Ritchie, Rocco, avoids the spotlight and lets his work do the talking. Dressed in a simple blue shirt and white linen suit, Rocco gives off a calm, serious vibe.

Conversely, Madonna wore a fitting jacket and a dark green three-piece suit, which she accessorized with a wide white hat, heeled shoes, and white translucent gloves. Despite being 23, Rocco seems older than his mother, despite the typical thick makeup that decorates her face.

Social media users were quick to attack Madonna’s look in the pictures, pointing out that her face was unnatural due to several operations and extensive photoshopping.

They could not help but note the sharp contrast between her neck and face. Even though Madonna makes an effort to appear young, her current health issue serves as a sobering reminder of how old she is. A serious bacterial illness caused problems last year, necessitating two days in an artificial coma and her being put on a ventilator. Madonna has bounced back from this setback and will be performing again in the fall.

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