“14 years have passed”: what a girl who was born to a 66-year-old mother looks like today

A 66-year-old woman took a risk and gave birth to a child. 14 years have passed and you will be shocked when you see that woman now. What do they look like and how do they live now??

Some things happening in our world are sometimes impossible to explain logically. This can include very late children.

At the moment, one Indian woman is considered the oldest mother to give birth; she was 70 when the baby was born.

But in India, people are not very fond of covering their lives on social media, so it is impossible to track the life of a child. Therefore, today we will talk about another mother who gave birth at 66 years old.

This woman’s name is Adriana Ilescu, and she really got a late addition. During her pregnancy, she regularly listened to stories about how her body couldn’t cope, so it was better to have an abortion. However, our heroine did not want to get rid of the unborn baby, telling the doctors that she would definitely give birth. As a result, the birth was successful and a tiny girl was born.

If you look at the photographs, you can say that even the baby herself was amazed by such an adult mother. By the way, she grew up like all other children, without feeling deprived. Adriana was retired, and therefore could devote all her free time to the child.

As for the girl’s friends, at first they did not understand who their friend Ilyeska was. Over time, they realized that this was not a grandmother, but a mother, but they treated this with understanding. In any case, the child never complained about jokes and ridicule related to his mother’s age.

It’s very interesting to look at the old woman’s daughter now. She looks like this now – sweet, happy, no different from others.

Indeed, nature sometimes surprises us with its miracles. It would seem that what children are like after 60 years old – but Adriana proved to everyone that the impossible is possible. I would like to wish her and her daughter only happiness and generally all the best!

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