A dog’s adorable reaction to his owner in a wedding dress has taken the internet by storm

A dog’s adorable reaction to his owner in a wedding dress amazed everyone. This is a reaction of a true friend. So adorable !!! I bet the photos will make you cry!😢

Photographer Perry Farlow specializes in weddings. One time she was filming another ceremony and noticed that before going to the altar, the bride Kristen Dupree began to get very worried. The girl remembered her beloved dog Zika, whom she asked to bring.

The Labrador had been in the company of the groom and his friends since the morning and managed to miss his owner.

And when he saw her, especially in an unusual form, he joyfully rushed to her.

And Perry managed to turn on the camera in time and capture the exciting moments on film.

Farlow admits that he loves it when pets take part in family photo shoots.

Pet owners immediately experience sincere emotions, which result in gorgeous shots.

So Zeke was able to liberate Kristen, and the girl immediately relaxed and a sincere smile lit up her face. The dog was very neat and did not ruin his mistress’s wedding dress.

During the celebration, Zeke was on par with the guests, and even one of the drinks was named after him. It is clear that this family loves the dog very much, and he reciprocates his feelings for his owners.

Internet users were struck by the genuine emotions in the photos of the bride with her four-legged friend, and they bombarded the girl with enthusiastic comments.

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