«A story about how many men she had been before him! The answer is…»😅

We’re likely to have some inquiries for our partner at some point in our relationship. Perhaps we ought to ask them a more important question, or perhaps we ought to find out what they would do if we passed away.

In the early stages of a relationship, one topic that regularly comes up is how many partners a man and a woman have had in the past. It’s a typical topic, but it’s not a simple one.
That was the fate of the guy and the woman in the ensuing joke, but it was carried too far. If stated differently, you will find the resolution humorous. It only requires reading.
The partner pushes the matter, letting her know it’s okay to tell him. How many guys have you dated? The wife continues to look up and receives no response.

The spouse says, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you,” conceding that his words may have had an impact on the wife. All I had to do was think we could be reliable and sincere with one another.

But his wife has stopped speaking to him. Feeling defeated, the spouse capitulates and says, “That’s okay; don’t be upset.”

The wife ignores his attempts to console her. The spouse shows her his love by giving her a strong embrace and kiss, hoping to mend their problems.
It appears that the wife breaks her silence at this private moment. She looks from the ceiling at her husband, her expression changing to one of irritation. Oh, please, hurry up! She blurts out, looking a bit annoyed. You’re to blame for me losing my count!

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