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The remarkable Arwilda Whiteside, 98, and her husband Cleovis Whiteside, 102, are from Arkansas, and they have experienced an incredible 84 years of marriage bliss. They may be the nation’s longest-married couple thanks to their enduring bond, which is evidence of their close bond and the secrets that have kept them together. When Cleovis was thirteen and Arwilda was just nine, they met at a crossroads and set off on their trip.

Arwilda remembers running to Cleovis for help when his stepbrother Elmo mistreated her, and Cleovis stepped in to shield her. A lasting impact was made when their paths met again at a church function where Cleovis purchased Arwilda’s boxed dinner. Their friendship was strengthened even further by attending the same one-room school.

When they exchanged vows on July 24, 1939, their lifetime relationship formally began. Because of Cleovis’s army duty, they had time apart, yet they never wavered in their commitment to one another. Following his discharge from the military, Cleovis studied auto mechanics, while Arwilda took care of their 12 children at home and provided aid to other underprivileged kids. They are pillars of their community because of their mutual devotion and charity, and Cleovis is well-known for his selflessness. Cleovis sums up his intense love for Arwilda in a loving letter.
Arwilda stresses the value of inner strength and perseverance while thinking back on their marriage since she feels that it has helped them survive life’s storms. They advise couples to develop this strength and to continue. The Whitesides have produced a sizable family that spans decades, so their impact goes beyond their marriage. Their relationships with their 12 children, 45 grandchildren, 91 great-grandchildren, and 27 great-great-grandchildren have ensured that their love endures.

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