From a modest girl to an iconic beauty. Few people know about Irina Shayk’s difficult childhood and how she managed to become a worldwide model being born in a poor family. How did she looked in her childhood??? Know the details in the comments 

A global model, she has walked the best catwalks and red carpets. Few people know that she began practicing this graceful gait as a child in her hometown of the Chelyabinsk region.

The 90s were difficult for all of Russia, but in the city of Yemanzhelinmka  they were no less severe. It was not easy for the family of a miner and a teacher at a music school. Perhaps little Irinka’s not the easiest childhood strengthened her character in the future.

In one of the interviews, she said that she has no friends or close girlfriends. When she was 6 years old, her father’s friend betrayed him, as a result of which  a great tragedy occurred.  This left an imprint on her soul for the rest of her life.

When Ira went to school, her future inclinations were already evident there. Despite her tall stature, she  loved to wear heels (sometimes she had to wear her mother’s) and skirts (which were made from her mother’s).

After 11th grade, she enrolled as an economist in Chelyabinsk, but she didn’t really want to work in her profession and  tried with all her might to get out of there and go to Moscow.  After winning the regional beauty contest, everything went as the model had planned.

Without hesitation, she  changed her last name from Shaykhlislamova to Sheik and went to France. The girl worked a lot there and was soon noticed by large brands. One after another, contracts and filming offers began to arrive.

In addition, Irina can boast of relationships with the most popular and famous men in the world. For 5 years she was  Cristiano Ronaldo’s companion.

And then  it became known about their affair with Bradley Cooper. It even came to marriage and the birth of a beautiful daughter together, but everything was not so fabulous and after 5 years the couple also divorced.

But they both take part in her upbringing. By the way, Ira says that  Leia should grow up to be a serious child , and therefore does not spoil her.

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