Vanya lived with a pack of dogs for 2 years as a child. How has he changed after 20 years?

The boy Vanya, as a child, lived for 2 years in a pack of dogs. How has he changed after 20 years? Know the details in the comments 👇👇👇

When Vanya’s parents divorced, the boy stayed with his mother. The father was not interested in his son, and the mother moved Vanya to her father. Then she met a new man and left her son with his father and sister. They took good care of the boy, but everything changed when the aunt got married. The new husband didn’t like his adopted son, so he tried to turn Vanya’s life into hell.

The boy often spent the night on the street to avoid meeting his “stepfather.” Aunt and grandfather could not protect the boy, only occasionally they let him home so that he could wash himself and get food. The boy lived with a pack of dogs, they warmed him and kept him from freezing.  The dogs loyally protected the boy and brought him food. The boy was able to survive only thanks to his four-legged friends.

Soon the guardianship authorities and the police became interested in him. They took the boy away from the dogs and took him to a boarding school.  Afterwards, a foster mother named Tatyana was found for the boy.  The woman was able to provide the boy with everything he needed, surround him with love, warmth and care. They became a real family.  Vanya is now 27 years old and works as a driver. He doesn’t want to remember his past.

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