After a well-done redevelopment, a two-room apartment in a “socket” has changed beyond recognition

This two-room apartment was renovated and now it is changed beyond recognition. Fantastic transformation. You should see it by yourself 

Certified designer Maria Nichiporenko, with a brilliant inner instinct, turned a 57-square-meter two-room apartment into a real work of art. Working on a project for a young couple, her main mission was to create a space that was not just beautiful, but also functional. This task required deep redevelopment. The current interior masterfully combines classical traditions and innovative modern features, creating a unique and harmonious space. To complement her concept, Maria reimagined the bedroom space by introducing an elegant wardrobe. As for the bathroom, its space has become more spacious thanks to the optimization of the corridor.

Living room

The interior was dominated by a neutral gray color that gently enveloped the walls. For the first time, the eye could catch a bright blue accent in the form of a column that served as a link between the entryway and the dining room. Artistic moldings and elegant stucco not only complemented the look of the room, but also amazingly preserved the harmony of colors. And the parquet board, inviting to touch, gently invited the gaze to fall to the floor.


This room has an elegant porcelain tile floor. The bar counter is like a magical portal for quick culinary adventures, weaving into itself a cozy showcase for gourmet drinks. The angular design of the kitchen set stands out, and the refrigerator has been expertly created to hide in the perfect niche.


The interior of her space immerses you in an atmosphere of tranquility thanks to a delicate color scheme, where the dominant gray finds harmony in the light tints of ash pink. The bed, crowned with a luxurious headboard, is complemented by elegant shelves that reflect the spirit of minimalism.


A specialized area for active physical exercise was attached to this place. A modern cabinet for perfect storage of sports equipment, combined with an elegant porcelain stoneware floor covering, transforms it into a real oasis of coziness and comfort.


This corner stands out thanks to the unique combination of materials on the floor. Porcelain tiles proudly lie near the entrance, masterfully imitating the touches of real marble. And next to it, stylish accents are harmoniously placed: a majestic mirror, an elegant console and a cozy ottoman.


In this interior, marble porcelain tiles play a dominant role, contrasting with delicate pink tiles, which add a touch of sophistication to the room. Thanks to the well-thought-out space, a majestic sink has also found its place here, merging with the universal utility unit.

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