Having earned money, the daughter made repairs for her mother, thereby fulfilling her old dream

The daughter made a surprise for her mother. She renovated her parants’ house changing it beyond recognition. The mother was amazed, she couldn’t say a word.

Until the age of 18, Marina lived in her parents’ apartment. Her family did not have a high level of income and living standards. Mom drove a tram, dad worked in a mine, but retired early due to disability. And what the parents earned was hardly enough for food and budget clothing.

Even when Marina was just a child, she strived to work in order to be able to help her parents.

Once upon a time, she expertly applied wallpaper, sent out advertisements, and even sold at the counter of a store owned by friends of her family. But despite her immense efforts, the situation in the family continued to remain difficult and unstable.

The only thing Marina wanted at that moment in time was to get a decent education in order to have more financial opportunities compared to her parents. Overcoming her doubts and following the call of her heart, she achieved a place at the university of a distant city, breaking away from the usual amulets of her home. At just 18 years old, she decided to start a new page in life, leaving under the wings of her parents.

In the days when Marina was still a schoolgirl, rushing to her never-ending temporary assignments, it was clear to her: as soon as she could stand on her own two feet financially, the first thing she would do was invest in renovating her parents’ house. For many months, adding up to a year and a half, this young girl skillfully juggled her studies, main job and additional part-time jobs. This was not easy for her, but the efforts were still worth it, and she managed to collect the necessary amount of money.

When finances did not allow hiring professionals, the family gathered the resources of heart and soul to make the dream a reality. Together, they combined their efforts to transform their home: old wood floors were hidden under modern laminate flooring, the space was enlivened by new interior elements, while pre-war sofas were given a new life thanks to restoration. Even though most of the house was renovated by the family, they still had to resort to the help of craftsmen to install the suspended ceiling.

Almost all the materials that were needed were found at discounts or on sales, which provided an opportunity to save money. They managed to transform one space throughout their vacation, and after overcoming exams, the girl set the goal of transforming the kitchen and bathroom. Despite the skepticism of her family, she managed to bring her plans to life.

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