How a woman with two children single-handedly managed to transform a “destroyed” two-room apartment

A woman with two children managedto transform a “destroyed” apartment into a modern one. She couldn’t believe she did it single-handedly. Fantastic transformation !

The heroine of our article moved into these walls from a larger home. However, she believed in her abilities, namely that she could create a truly modern and comfortable space that could accommodate every member of the family. So, she decided to use design services, since initially the condition of the apartment was far from ideal.


The layout remained the same as it was, all zones retained their original positions and dimensional characteristics. The corridor stretched out as a narrow and long ribbon of space. The floor was tiled with elegant ceramics, and the walls played with contrasts in two shades. To the left of the entrance, a multifunctional storage system proudly extended, complemented by a comfortable bench as an invitation to relax.

Culinary part

The kitchen space is dominated by a light ceramic floor covering, in contrast to the walls finished in a stylish gray color. One wall features linear cabinetry with bright green fronts, complemented by an innovative white custom tile backsplash. On the contrary, there is a comfortable corner for gastronomic pleasures. An extended window sill adds charm, providing additional space for morning breakfasts or culinary tasks.


The room is comfortably located in the largest room of the house. Elegant engineered wood planks warm the floors, while the main walls are wrapped in soft, light hues. Bright, stylish wallpaper gives a special accent to one of the walls, becoming a visual magnet for the eyes. The main wall features a deep blue bed with a soft and fluffy headboard. Nearby there is a cozy reading area with shelves full of books and a screen for relaxation. And when you enter, on your left there is a closet of an azure shade, decorated with mirror inserts, like a gateway to another world.

Children’s room for a boy

This corner, without a doubt, was created with soul for the young inhabitant. The walls are decorated in soft light colors; when you first step inside, your eyes are immediately drawn to the spacious closet on the right and the cozy bed on the left. And under the wide window sill there is a comfortable work space.

Children’s room for a girl

The interior of this room is dominated by light, airy tones. On the left stands a modular storage system with elegant fronts in a snowy white shade, while opposite it is a cozy sleeping area. Dream petals flutter against the wall, where a picturesque fresco reproduces the dance of cranes in the sky. And, as if the crowning glory of this composition, the room offers access to a balcony, where every corner is imbued with an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.


Her interior features a harmony of three unusual types of tiles, creating an atmosphere vaguely reminiscent of English elegance.


In the bathroom, the space merges with the floor, sharing the same texture and shade. Mysterious black walls contrast with exquisite miniature fish designs, adding a maritime accent to the interior.

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