«The Gorgeous Girlfriend of Bond Is Changing: Rachel Weisz Was Seen On The Street Without Hairstyling!»🙄😳          

As the well-known James Bond, played by D. Craig, he is frequently seen with a gorgeous romantic partner. It makes sense that the actor’s spouse would be attractive given this expectation. Recent pictures of Craig R. Weiss’s wife, nevertheless, could let some people down.

Weiss’s wife was caught off guard by paparazzi snapping her walking the streets without cosmetics and wearing a beige coat. She forced a grin for the camera, even though it was an awkward time.

It’s difficult to connect her look with that of the well-known Agent 007’s wife after seeing her.
A few followers expressed their dissatisfaction, pointing to what they saw as her apparent aging and lack of self-care, especially about her visibly enlarged face.

What are your thoughts on her appearance?

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