“This detail can scare you to the point of trembling in your knees”: Photos of girls posing in front of the lenses at prom have acquired viral status on the Internet

Surely every teenager who will soon graduate from school is looking forward to their prom with trepidation. These young ladies are no exception.

The girls wanted to be dressed up for the prom to such an extent that photos of glamorous ladies instantly went viral on the Internet.

Everyone’s attention was drawn to one detail in the graduates’ festive outfits.

In America, high school students graduate from college before reaching the age of majority and are not allowed alcohol at the prom. Other countries have their own rules and restrictions. For example, in England only people over 18 years of age are allowed to drink sprint drinks. But it is okay to bring alcohol to school parties where there are minors.

Despite the prohibitions, graduates manage to sneak alcohol into the festive event. Escorts and observers know how to identify intoxicated guys and catch them while drinking alcohol, but they manage to come up with new ways to bring alcoholic beverages to the event.

One of the pictures shows a high school student trying to hide a huge bottle under her shirt. It’s not clear how she managed to do this? Another imagined a silver flask of alcohol as a clutch handbag. At first glance, it seems that this is an ordinary accessory. But if you look closely, it’s noticeable that in front of us is a flask with an alcohol-containing drink.

The girl even managed to smuggle in a strange handbag and managed to reveal her secret trick herself, thereby depriving herself of the opportunity to drink.

The girl’s ingenuity brings indescribable delight.

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