«What is hidden and strange in this photo?😳When a mother uploaded a picture of her daughter she took at the park to Facebook, many became quite concerned.»🤔

Many were confused by the image of the little girl posing at a park with her hands in front of her waist.
At first glance, the girl’s legs seem unusually long and slender, but this is an illusion. Users who had first expressed perplexity over the photo came to understand that the youngster was holding a bag of popcorn, whose hue was strikingly similar to the uneven grass she was standing on. Facebook users have commented on the picture over 37,000 times, and many of them are baffled as to what is going on. Over 250,000 people have shared the picture. Please remember to share this on Facebook so that your friends may also view it.

Most people find this challenge difficult to understand after seeing the accompanying illusionary image. However, other people were able to solve the problem immediately. Some, on the other hand, were unable to estimate and react appropriately. We’ve provided a picture with the typical solution added because it can be hard to spot. The girl is holding a big bag of popcorn, which looks good against the backdrop of withered grass.

Are you able to see it? If not, don’t worry; we’ll help you with the graphic that represents the solution. A circle indicates that the girl is holding a bag of popcorn.
Are you able to see it now? Everything is logical!

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