«Without Nose from birth: 😳The Young Child’s Beauty Is Visible Despite Her Extended Bullying! What has she changed into?»      

Tessa is a courageous little kid who was born with congenital arhinia, a unique illness that has made her a role model for appreciating variation in beauty. Tessa, who was born without a nose, radiates determination and positivity. The condition known as total congenital arhinia, which stops nose development in the womb, affects just 100 people globally.

Tessa’s facial deformity was discovered by ultrasonography, which made her parents, Grainne, and Nathan Evans, feel a variety of emotions.

Despite all the challenges, the Evans family from County Derry, Northern Ireland, is dedicated to providing Tessa with the best care and support available.

Tessa had cataract surgery and a tracheotomy not long after she was born. She underwent cosmetic surgery when she was two years old to prepare her nose for an eventual prosthetic nose.
It’s anticipated that ultimately, doctors will use a 3D printer to create Tessa’s nose.

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