Kitchen renovation of only 6 square meters turned out to be successful

Children decided to make a surprise for their mother on her birthday and renovated her small kitchen on their own. The transformation was successful. The mother was very happy and proud of her children. 

My mother has a small kitchenette with an area of ​​6 square meters. For her birthday, we decided to give her a worthy gift – to renovate the room. The budget was very modest, so we did all the work ourselves. You can say a gift with your soul or your own hands, as you like.

We installed a plastic window before, to be more specific, just a couple of years ago. So we didn’t touch it, but we removed the window sill and instead opted for a wide countertop, which is also ideal for cooking.

We completely tore off the wallpaper that had already faded from the walls; we also replaced the flooring and put tiles in its place. The kitchen façade was also impressive, as the old plastic doors were visible. With the help of screens we were able to hide the battery and fit it into the rest of the interior. It has a lattice screen, so that warm air from the radiator enters the room without any problems.

In the process of choosing furniture, we decided that white would be the ideal color. Although there is a misconception that the white set is easily soiled, we have refuted it; it turned out that care is simple and quite quick. In addition, in a small space, white furniture allows you to achieve the effect of maximum free space and even give the room maximum light.

As for the working area, it turned out to be extremely spacious, because the tabletop actually became part of it as a replacement for the window sill. There is built-in lighting under the cabinets located above, so that hanging drawers do not block the light, and you can work in the kitchen as comfortably as possible.

The place for the sink was allocated in the very corner, but in relation to the working part it is located as close as possible, at the same time there is a distance from the stove and, as a result, from splashes.

We didn’t change the refrigerator, we didn’t have enough money, but in the future it will be closed with the help of facades that match the color of the kitchen. I had to persuade my mother to remove the magnets, as they spoiled the entire interior, but now it has become updated.

The microwave is not located very well, since it is on top of the refrigerator, and it is extremely difficult to reach it, even though my mother does not use it often. There is a small TV on the wall next to the refrigerator; you can watch it while cooking or while spending time at the dinner table.

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