«Lips Take Up Most of Her Face:😱 Girl Increased Her Lip Size But Made a Great Mistake!»

A little child has made great efforts to fulfill her desire to look like the stylish Bratz dolls. In an attempt to get the ideal fullness and contour, Andrea Ivanova from Bulgaria has undergone an astounding 26 lip augmentation surgeries. She has already received several injections, but she doesn’t seem to be stopping, and she’s getting ready for her next cosmetic procedure. When she went for lip fillers for the first time three years ago, she wanted to look like a doll. Ever since she has gone regularly to keep her desired appearance.

Andrea is happy with the outcome and says she tried several formulas and looked for the best clinics to help her get her desired appearance.

She also intends to enlarge her breasts to further improve her look. Andrea is happy with how she looks right now, but she’s still determined to look her best, so she recently had another lip injection. Her current focus is on adjusting other aspects of her face to better match her desired appearance.

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