😍«Explore Kevin Costner’s Magnificent Colorado Estate—It Looks Like a Paradise!Hoch mus is that?»😮

Kevin Costner, well-known for his acting prowess and the hit TV show Yellowstone, realizes his ambition of owning a sizable 160-acre ranch close to Aspen, Colorado.
There are three separate houses in this dream home: the main house, the charming house by the lake, and the comfortable house by the river.

Beyond its dwellings, this stunning estate is even more captivating; it’s a haven furnished with a baseball field, a thrilling sledding hill, an ice rink for chilly excursions, and several hot tubs for the utmost leisure. The wide views of the Continental Divide add even more charm to this retreat.

This ranch is a great option for a memorable trip for up to 27 guests, and it can be rented for $36,000 per night. As you go through these stunning pictures, you will be able to appreciate the appealing façade of the main home, the cozy feel of the main kitchen, the comfort of the main master bedroom, the beauty of the lakeside house, and the breathtaking views of the riverside mansion.

Not to mention the recreational amenities at the baseball field. Mottier, the real estate agent listing the house, says it’s a fascinating and serene location with an incredible feeling that’s hard to put into words without being there.

Despite being only 10 minutes from Aspen, the resort feels like a faraway paradise because of its gorgeous surroundings and plethora of activities.

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