Famous Italian designer Roberto Cavalli has passed away

The Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli has passed away. He became popular thanks to his animal prints on leather and textiles.

As it became known, Roberto Cavalli passed away on April 12, 2024. The cause was a long illness. The Italian fashion designer , who became popular thanks to his animal prints on leather and textiles, was 83 years old. The symbol of creativity and luxury left six children. The youngest heir was barely a year old. Bright memory.

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli was born on November 15, 1940 in Florence in the family of a mining engineer. After his father died at the hands of the Nazis in World War II, the mother of the future fashion designer moved to his grandfather Roberto Giuseppe Rossi. The latter, by the way, was a famous portrait painter in the region.

At first, Cavalli helped his mother with a shop selling coal. Having barely completed primary school, Roberto will soon give up the hotel business and even accounting. Nevertheless, it was the academic years that gave impetus to the future of the fashion designer. The fact is that, having tried rock and roll, he decided to start organizing student parties.

Everything turned out so perfect that one day even Fred Buscaglione gave a speech to him to advertise the new record. But another expulsion could ruin Roberto’s future forever. Only by miracle did he persuade his mother to give him one last chance. That’s how he ended up taking an interior design course with a specialization in furniture fabrics. Not forgetting about parties, Cavalli instantly became interested in weaving on a handloom and studying types of printing on fabric.

First steps

It is worth noting that the young man did not complete this course either. Nevertheless, knowledge gave him the impetus to open his own business. The savings were enough to rent a garage near the house and buy a six-meter printing table. Interestingly, the bank account of the newly created company had to be opened in the name of the mother, since Roberto himself was not yet 21 years old.

Collaborating with a friend who worked at a local knitting factory, Roberto created the first prints on unsold outfits. From that moment on, things went up sharply. Although, of course, there was still a lot of work and studying the process ahead to improve it. Nevertheless, this period of life can certainly be called fateful for the designer .

Symbol of the era

What can we say, over the years Roberto’s work has been worn by Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. “I like everything that is created by nature. In my youth, I began to understand that even fish have “clothes” of fantastic colors, just like the snake and the tiger. I began to realize that God is actually the best designer. So I started copying God ,” he admitted in 2011.

The news of the death of Roberto Cavalli came as a blow to both fans of his work and his colleagues. Thus, one of those who honored the memory of the fashion designer was Giorgio Armani. “ Roberto was a true artist, free and wonderful in his use of prints, able to transform fantasies into seductive clothing. I will miss his Tuscan inspiration.”

Without a doubt, Cavalli’s life became an example of a tireless search for new ideas. After all, the designer’s contribution to the fashion industry is difficult to overestimate. Therefore, it will forever remain a symbol of the era that brought bright and unique works to this world. According to creative director Roberto Cavalli, the designer will continue to be a source of inspiration for others.

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