She graduated from school and became an Internet star. The girl’s height is only 80 cm, but what a smart girl she is!

This girl is only 80 cm tall but she isn’t a small girl. How old she is and how she lives?? You will be shocked when you know the truth. 

Polina Skorik did not grow much when she came of age; now she is only 80 cm tall. But she went to school like everyone else her age. Mom helped bring textbooks; at school, her classmates took patronage over her.

The miniature Russian woman will not have to take exams: there is a special situation in the border areas. But the girl has already thought through her plans for life, she is going to become an actress.

What can I say, she has a unique type, the chances of success are great. There are already a whole bunch of congratulations under the photos.

They call Polina a strong girl and wish her health and courage to cope with any obstacles. She looks charming and very harmonious, despite her height. Are we waiting for a new star on the screens?

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