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Don Johnson, star of “Miami Vice,” and Melanie Griffith had a tumultuous marriage marked by two divorces. The media took an interest in their stormy love tale. Despite the challenges, they are happy to be the parents of a successful actress, Dakota Johnson.

On the set of “Harrad Experiment,” 14-year-old Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, who rose to fame in 1984 with “Miami Vice,” first crossed paths. Griffith developed feelings for her, fell in love with her, and they shared a unique connection.

After a brief divorce in 1976, Griffith turned 18, and the two got married. As a memento of their marriage, Griffith got a tattoo. Johnson and Griffith broke up initially, but they stayed friends while in different relationships.

They got back in touch in 1987 and started supporting each other’s career aspirations. Griffith, who was battling addiction, found solace in Johnson’s encouragement.

Upon their reunion in 1988, they decided to remarry and have a child. In 1989, Johnson and Griffith wed again in a private ceremony at their ranch, where Dakota was born. They were happy being a family without Aspen, and they saw their daughter and reunion as rewards for overcoming personal challenges.

However, irreconcilable differences caused their second marriage to collapse in 1994. Johnson and Griffith maintained their friendship even after their divorce. Griffith embraces being single and is pleased with Dakota’s achievements.

Hollywood history continues to honor the couple’s nuanced and intense love story.
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