Your real age is not in your passport; a test will help reveal it. Count the dogs in the picture and find out more about yourself.

Biological age is understandable. At 18-20 they matured, at 40 wrinkles appeared, at 70 their teeth fell out. It depends a little on genetics and lifestyle, but it’s unlikely that anyone could survive without changes. But the psychological one is more interesting.

Psychological age is not just accumulated experience or age-related depression. This takes into account social maturity, emotional background, accumulated skills to resist the blows of fate and cope with difficulties.

The two ages are noticeably different.

Let’s say a person is 30 years old according to his passport.

At the same time, biologically he may seem like a 25-year-old or a forty-year-old unhealthy person. However, an outwardly prosperous and apparently 25-year-old man, in terms of his degree of psychological maturity, can be a respectable person, or maybe an infantile teenager who is not ready for difficulties. And a man who seems beaten down by life and shows early wrinkles may well surprise with an unexpected view of the world, childlike and spontaneous.

If you don’t know whether to deal with a person, give him this test. It quite accurately shows the degree of psychological maturity.

There are dogs in the picture, but how many?

  1. Four are seen by people who are psychologically no more than twenty. They prefer to live simply, have fun with pleasure, love attractions and entertainment. Their strength is sociability; they easily maintain contact with dozens of people. As a result, they are creative and see many opportunities around them.
  2. Five dogs are seen by more mature people, psychologically they are 25-30. They have already accumulated life experience, but have not yet lost their optimism and enjoy life like children. They don’t like complications, they know how to enjoy little things and look for beauty around them. Happiness for them is a goal that they try to achieve.
  3. Six dogs are seen psychologically by 30-40 year olds. They seem old-fashioned, even prim, but at the same time they stand firmly on their feet, they have a stable job and an established life. They think before they do and are not spontaneous, but almost all of their projects are doomed to success. The peculiarity of such people is their peace-loving nature, they do not want to take risks and nip conflicts in the bud.
  4. Only children can see seven dogs. A naive approach to life, joy in every little thing and a passionate desire to live – this is what distinguishes such people.

Now that the riddles have been solved, try to count the dogs again, you know how many there are in the picture. Maybe you are older than you thought at first, but it is quite possible that you remain a child at heart, and life only makes you happy.

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