«I had trouble eating because of my nose.😰 The American cartoon “Pinocchio” portrayed his appearance following cosmetic surgery.»😲

Following a fortuitous meeting, 58-year-old painter Conrado’s life has undergone a significant transformation. Conrado was given a task to do. Later on, it was discovered that the client was a renowned plastic surgeon.

The doctor looked at the painter’s nose right away after they met.”I discovered right away when I saw Conrado that he had rhinophyma, a condition that primarily affects middle-aged men,” the physician stated. Conrado had previously made several unsuccessful visits to physicians at that point. ”

Dr. Romo approached me and said he would assist me right away. Conrado described it as “like some kind of miracle.”Dr. Romo accomplished his task flawlessly, significantly altering the patient’s look.

Conrado now leads a routine life, enjoying the pleasure of looking at his tidy nose.

What do you think of the painter’s transformation? Dr. Roma possesses golden hands.

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