Jackson’s elder sister is 67 years old. Why are Michael’s relatives embarrassed by La Toya?

Jackson’s elder sister is 67 years old. It’s unfortunate to hear that La Toya Jackson’s recent appearance has drawn negative attention and criticism. Even the relatives are embarassed by her appearance.

Plastic surgery, while a personal choice, can sometimes lead to unintended results, and it’s understandable that those close to her may feel concerned.

It’s also concerning to see how quickly people rush to judgment and make hurtful comments online. Criticizing someone’s appearance, especially in such a public manner, is never appropriate and only adds to the pressure individuals may already feel about their looks.

Instead of focusing on someone’s physical appearance, it’s important to remember that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. La Toya Jackson, like anyone else, should be valued for her talents, accomplishments, and contributions rather than judged solely on her appearance.

And Internet users do not skimp on caustic comments.

“Oh my God. What did she do to herself?”, “How could you bring yourself to this?”, “Stop,” “Enough plastic surgery,” “At first I thought it was Michael,”

“Why do all the Jacksons look the same?”, “Who did this to this family?”,

“Don’t watch this at night, you won’t fall asleep,” “Forget me,” I read under the new footage of La Toya Jackson.

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