«The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes celebrated her eighteenth birthday and released brand-new pictures from the celebration!»😍😲

Not having seen her father, star Tom Cruise, in years, Suri Cruise celebrated her eighteenth birthday in New York. Suri, looking like her mother, Katie Holmes, was wearing a loose-fitting burgundy cardigan, blue jeans, and a denim jacket over her arm. The ensemble was very 1990s. Suri celebrated with her mother, Katie, who was out of town at work, as they picked up flowers at a nearby shop.

There has been a lot of conjecture about Suri’s connection with her father, Tom Cruise, a Scientologist, for the last twelve years. Tom has been mostly gone from her life since his divorce from Katie Holmes, so celebrating her eighteenth birthday without him shows how fragile their relationship is.

During Tom and Katie’s divorce procedures, their communication grew more strained between father and daughter, and it has since stopped. Now that Suri is a legal adult, it is said that she is choosing her path forward. Choosing to move away from her father is one such decision.

Tom Cruise’s $400,000 yearly child support obligation to Katie Holmes will end when Suri reaches maturity. Insiders claim that Suri views her mother as the only parent she has; hence, she has no plans to get back in touch with her father.

A little more than five years after Tom and Katie’s marriage, when Suri was six years old, they were divorced. Suri and Katie have said unequivocally that they will not be involved with Scientology.
Even though Tom was given visitation privileges, the year of their divorce marked their final public appearance together—a vacation to Disneyland. Given that Suri is not a scientist, reports imply that Tom’s membership in the Church of Scientology has restricted their connection.

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