The girl is considered the most beautiful in the world. She has already grown up and become an adult. Kristina Pimenova celebrated turning seventeen

The girl who was considered the most beautiful child in the world, has already grown up. Now she is 17. YOu will be shocked when you see how she looks now.

The young model has gained fame thanks to her sweet, charming face. Young Christina was quickly invited to work in the modeling business. The girl’s face has become in demand. But not everyone remembers Pimenov’s last name, but they cannot forget the advertisement with her participation.

The girl’s parents quickly realized how they could make money and immediately took their beloved daughter overseas.

Several years passed, the beautiful girl began to be forgotten in Russia. But many are still interested in the fate of the baby.

The young and pretty girl is 17 years old, she is quite an adult. The girl resembles an angel, but at the same time she knows her worth very well. The young lady no longer plays with dolls. She is sure that she herself is capable of becoming an expensive toy for a wealthy sponsor.

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