😕«After painting his entire house a bright pink, a guy has a conflict and misunderstanding with his neighbors.»😳

Every homeowner fears there will be trouble from their new neighbors.But what if, after you moved in, your neighbor made so many renovations to their house that it became impossible to look at?

The man who painted his house a bright pink tint that resembles Pepto-Bismol has angered the residents of a suburb of Austin, Texas, and it is causing them grief. Its goals are to keep the homes looking nice and to give money for facilities that the occupants would find useful.Emilio Rodriguez, a Pflugerville, Texas, resident, decided to buy his house despite the lack of a homeowners organization (HOA).

That meant he could finally fulfill a long-held goal of his to paint everything pink. a decision that has irritated his neighbors.Emilio remarked, “I’m not sure why people find that objectionable. I adore this home.”The house was originally beige when Emilio bought it, but it’s now his favorite color, and he plans to paint more Pepto-Bismol pink in it. He’s happy with pink.
The pink house has angered his neighbors, who worry that it may lower the value of real estate in the area.

But according to Emilio, who was left wheelchair-bound after a car accident and many medical issues, he’s happy with the color of his home.
He says that the color also helps to keep Austin Weird.

See what else Emilio wants to paint pink in the video below.

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