The woman gave birth to a daughter at the age of 60. 5 years have passed … how is their life going today.?.. This story thundered throughout the country!!!

At one time, this story surprised all of Russia. In 2015, information appeared that an ordinary woman from Moscow, Galina Shubenina, became a mother at the age of 60.

Some people immediately condemned Galina. People thought it was a very strange decision to give birth at such a late age. And someone on the contrary approved of Shubenina’s decision. There were rumors that the baby was handicapped, sick, and would suffer from health problems in the future.

Galya responded briefly to all such statements. She explained that she had her own reasons for this choice. And she even talked about them.

She first fell in love when she was young. Soon her boyfriend proposed a wedding. A son appeared in the family. But then the marriage fell apart, and Shubenina remained a single mother. At the age of 50, she met Alexei – he was 8 years younger than her. They started a relationship.

Finally, the woman became happy. And then her son tragically passes away.

Alexey always supported her and helped her in every possible way to overcome the loss. Later he proposed to her, she agreed. After the wedding celebration, the “newlyweds” began to think about offspring.

Galina, although already at an advanced age, decided to try to get pregnant. She ignored the recommendations of doctors and the advice of friends. As a result, she was able to bear a healthy daughter. Cleopatra was born on January 16, 2015.

When this story became known to the public, the media became interested in Galina. She even participated in the show “Let Them Talk.”

t the moment, Cleopatra is 5 years old. She seems very positive and enjoys life. It doesn’t bother her at all that her parents are no longer young.

How is the family living now?

In an interview, Shubenina said that after the birth of her daughter, people began to say that the child would be sick and problematic. They believed that the baby would never reach her peers in terms of development. But all these assumptions were not confirmed. Cleopatra grows up quite healthy.

She goes to kindergarten and various clubs. Most of all she loves the folk dance section. Parents pay a lot of attention to the girl to raise her as a worthy person.

Superstitions even began to circulate around the child. Galya said that her friends, who could not get pregnant for a long time, soon found out after talking with Cleo that they were expecting a baby.

When a family goes out for a walk, they are looked at as if they were a granddaughter and grandparents. And people are very surprised when Cleopatra calls Galina mom and Alexei dad. But parents are not worried about this.

Does the family have enough money?

Galina is now retired. She receives about 18 thousand rubles a month with all additional payments. Lesha’s salary is 16 thousand rubles.

In Moscow, this is not that much money, so the spouses are forced to constantly save. But Shubenina is still happy about the birth of her daughter, because she gave her happiness.

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