«An Old Wrinkled Lady! 😳48-year-old Cameron Diaz was seen by paparazzi seeming disheveled and messy!»😧

The 51-year-old Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz was recently captured on camera by US paparazzi while out on a stroll with her daughter.

Diaz decided to forgo makeup entirely and wore a basic black sundress and sunglasses.

The pictures soon went viral online and sparked debates among followers. A lot of people expressed astonishment at Diaz’s look, pointing out that the photos taken by Paparazzi didn’t exactly convey the same attractiveness she had in the nineties.

Some, on the other hand, supported the actress, claiming that as she gets closer to 55, Diaz has the right to accept her true self and not adhere to the rigid beauty standards that come with the business.

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