Shocking miracle: At 24 weeks of pregnancy, he was born, weighing the same as a huge onion. After 5 months he went home with his parents. You will be shocked when you know he survived and what he looks like now.

Five months later, the world’s tiniest preterm baby made it home.

The infant, who weighed only 268 grams and measured 22 cm at birth, was delivered in September 2018 at one of Tokyo’s maternity facilities during 24 weeks of pregnancy. It resembled a big onion in size. Japanese physicians tried everything they could to save him, even though they did not think he had much chance of survival. The hospital called him a “mini miracle.”

He was put in an incubator—a device meant for premature babies—right away. The infant was previously fed using a tube, but he has since made the full transition to nursing. Throughout Riusuke’s five-month hospital stay, his mother pumped milk, which medical professionals soaked tampons in and then gave to the infant to drink so he could get nourishment.

The mother of the child acknowledges that it was the most trying time of her life. Even though she didn’t think the child would live, she prayed constantly. Her son was so transparent that the mother was not even able to touch him. The mother was ecstatic to see the extra grams start to show up on the scales.

Everything worked out nicely in the end. The baby developed no more or less than full-term children, according to the doctors.

The youngster weighed 3.2 kilograms, which is what a typical newborn weighs, when they were released from the hospital after receiving continuous care and nursing for five months.

At this point, his health is safe and he is acting like a typical child.

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