Doctors advised her mother to get rid of the baby. 15 years have passed. She became a successful model. Who would have thought that 15 years later she would become such a beauty.

You have to believe and everything will work out!

Kennedy Garcia from Colorado was born not only with Down syndrome, but also with leukemia and a deformed spine, which caused her head to literally fall off her body. The doctors loudly and persistently advised the mother to sign a waiver…

Who would have thought that 15 years later she would become such a beauty

Mom Rene Garcia listened not to the doctors, but to the nurse – the luminaries of science were confused, did not want to take responsibility, and the experienced woman directly stated that such children can be released and brought into the public. You just have to work. The first difficulty for little Kennedy was her diseased spine, which is why she was placed in a metal collar and helmet for several months in her second year of life, which fixed her bones. All this time the girl hardly moved, but she watched a lot of dance videos. And when she started walking again, she immediately ran to dance – the illness predetermined her creative career.

Dancing classes taught Kennedy the idea that it’s not so important what you look like, what’s more important is what and how well you do. But she tried and soon expanded her track record with work for American Girl, Justice Clothing and Disney. Dancing, photo shoots, new acquaintances and a lot of travel, Kennedy now works at KMR Diversity and Dream Talent Management and regularly flies to Hollywood and New York for auditions, castings and participation in television shows. But she is only 15 years old!

According to her mother, Kennedy’s life is not at all similar to the gloomy pictures that were painted for her. She is a typical teenager who loves taking selfies, experimenting with hair colors, making TikTok videos, and talking about boys. She has plenty of friends and laughs often, and Kennedy met Matthew last year. He is 4 years older and also lives with Down syndrome. Like Kennedy, he was not raised to feel sorry for himself, and therefore the guy made his way into modeling, is engaged in acting and is considered a creative person.

He began to court Kennedy and she agreed to become his girlfriend. For now they see each other once a week, because they live in different parts of the country, but they have already become family friends. Well, you couldn’t wish for anything better for your daughter, says the mother.

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