«His mother’s guidance and encouragement allowed him to achieve national fame despite his appearance!»😲

James McLeod had difficulties as a child because of a birthmark on his face, which at first made him feel self-conscious.

But he was raised to believe that his value was not determined by his appearance, thanks to his mother’s steadfast support. James accepted his status as a “highlight” and went on to enjoy public life, quickly becoming well-known across the country.

Inspired by his personal experiences, James wrote two tales that feature kids who, like him, are unique. These days, he spends his time touring orphanages and schools to support kids going through similar difficulties. James hopes to inspire young minds with his visits by providing the same kind of encouragement that his mother once gave him.

James is a global celebrity with over 100,000 admirers, and his message of acceptance of oneself is felt by people all around the world. Major businesses and advertising agencies have also taken notice of his unique look.
His message is still quite clear: “Embrace who you are without holding back.” Your power is in your originality.

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