The 6-month-old girl from the orphanage was liked by many who would like to adopt her, but after actually meeting the baby, people ran away without a word… Prepare to be moved.

Adrianna and Jason Stewart live in the small American town of West Jordan. The couple always dreamed of a big family, but even after giving birth to two children, they did not calm down.

On the contrary, after consulting, Adrianna and Jason decided to adopt several more kids. Soon they had a smiling Joshua.

Well, then the Stewarts accidentally saw a photo of little Maria on the Internet.

Maria is a native of the Philippines. She entered the orphanage at the age of six months. Due to a genetic malfunction, the girl was born without arms and legs. In all other respects, the baby was completely healthy, but her physical defect scared off her adoptive parents. He scared everyone away; many came knowing about the problem, but still, after half an hour in the presence of a baby deprived of arms and legs, they almost ran out of the institution.

However, Adrianna and Jason Stewart were not timid. On the contrary, after seeing a photo of the baby on the Internet, the couple literally fell in love with the girl. After a brief family council, the couple immediately flew to the Philippines to adopt Maria!

Today, Adrianna admits that she and Jason had no idea about all the difficulties that awaited parents in raising such an unusual child. Nevertheless, the woman, smiling, declares that sincere love for the baby has overcome all difficulties!

The Stewarts claim that their adopted daughter taught them many extremely important things. Maria showed all family members how to enjoy every day. In addition, the girl turned out to be an extremely kind child. For example, she always insists that her teddy bear be “fed” first, and then her.

It soon became clear: the absence of limbs does not prevent the baby from doing everything that ordinary children do. Of course, Maria’s new parents had to consult a lot with various doctors, including the dentist. However, today the Stewart couple couldn’t be happier with the baby’s achievements!

With the help of devices placed on the stumps of her hands and a special mouthpiece, Maria independently eats, draws and works with a computer. And thanks to her caring parents, the girl even learned to swim and ride a horse!

Unfortunately, unexpected grief befell the Stewart family just recently. Little Joshua, the couple’s adopted son and Maria’s older brother, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. Upon receiving this news, Adrianna and Jason were devastated. Only the support of the children helped the parents come to their senses!

According to doctors, the baby’s chances of recovery are 65 percent. The family, however, prefers to hope for the best. Joshua is never left alone in the hospital for a moment: his parents, brothers and sisters are always with him. Little Maria comes every day to see her brother, and her positivity keeps the whole family afloat!

Preferring not to think ahead, the spouses believe that everything will be fine. We can only hope that the Stewarts’ hopes will come true, and wish the family strength in this desperate struggle!

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