💔«Years after she refused to end their marriage, her spouse awakened and spoke two startling words.»😲

Danielle Davis believed her life would be like the one she had always dreamed of when she married the love of her life. Her happiness was unfortunately short-lived, as her partner of only seven months was gravely injured in a motorbike accident and placed on life support.Every doctor she ever consulted regarding her husband’s condition informed her that it would be best if she elected to withdraw him from life support because there was little probability of him ever recovering from his injuries.But in the hopes of a miracle, Danielle disregarded medical advice and decided to keep her husband Matt on life support.”I felt that God could handle the situation and carry him through,” the woman said.

After Matt was taken home, Danielle and her mother-in-law took care of him because the hospital could no longer retain him. Danielle added, making sure Matt was as comfortable as possible, “Let’s give him the best view in the world if he’s just going to be a body in a bed.”After a few months, Matt awoke as everyone started to doubt his prospects for recovery.The fact that he could open his eyes was a miracle. There was a slow and steady recovery of the body and mind. But what shocked his wife and family the most was the first thing he said when he woke up. He intended to order a “cheddar’s buffalo chicken wrap.”

Despite being able to regain his long-term memory, Matt still struggles to recall details from his wedding day and the preceding few years. Despite all the challenges, he is trying his hardest to get better in the next few days, even though he is regrettably unable to walk.
He still maintains a great sense of humor, and he advises other husbands. He quipped, “Take out the trash because there might be a day when you can’t.”
Matt’s story gives us even more reason to never question the power of prayer and faith in God.
Someone who stumbled onto Matt’s wonderful tale said, “Just have faith; nothing is too big for our God.” “With God, anything is possible,” another person remarked.

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