🙄«Why Does Drew Barrymore Find It Enjoyable To Go Without Underwear?😃The secret is opened!»

By candidly talking about her underwear preferences on her daytime talk program, Drew Barrymore added a humorous touch. To the amazement of her co-host and guests, the actress disclosed during a recent broadcast that she occasionally goes commando. Co-host Ross Mathews asked the group if they ever went without underpants, which started the topic. Barrymore and guest Chloe Fineman easily acknowledged that they don’t always wear underwear.

Barrymore was so forthcoming that she even shared a lighthearted tale about her kid. It seems that her kid has started to playfully pull down her trousers, knowing that she prefers to be a commando.

Barrymore appears to have made his decision based mostly on comfort. She talked about how comfortable some materials felt on her skin, especially sweatpants.
Barrymore talked to her girls about making decisions on what to wear on other occasions besides this one.

In another clip, Barrymore and singer Christina Aguilera discussed their daughters’ inclination for skimpy attire.

Both mothers laughed over the circumstance, realizing how difficult it can be to influence their daughters’ style decisions.

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