Kim Kardashian was accused of imitating Bianca Censori: “There is nothing more pathetic”

“I wonder if she saw herself in the mirror before leaving the house?” Kim Kardashian was accused of imitating Bianca Censori. You will be shocked when you see how dressed. Nobody would ever expect this from Kim.

This music will last forever: Kanye West’s ex and current wife seem to be deliberately trolling each other. First, Bianca Censori came out in an outfit that was suspiciously reminiscent of one of Kim Karashian’s looks, and now the star of a family reality show appeared on the streets of Los Angeles in an outfit that was clearly spied on by the outrageous Australian. The rapper’s ex-wife bleached her hair and wore black tights with stiletto heels and an elongated apron-style top over her bare chest. It turned out, so to speak, extravagant.

Doesn’t remind you of anyone? So readers of the Daily Mail tabloid immediately realized that Kim’s image is very similar to the infamous style of Kanye West’s new wife, which the rapper himself came up with. And in general, the girls have a lot in common in their appearance. “Bianca, is that you?”, “Now she looks like Kanye’s new wife,” “There is nothing more pathetic than the fact that Kim copies Kanye’s second wife,” users shared their opinions.

By the way, Bianca dressed like this last June, when she was still blonde and had a short haircut. However, no matter who Kim imitated, Internet users still tore her outfit to smithereens. “She looks like she hasn’t taken off her hairdresser’s cape”, “I wonder if she saw herself in the mirror before leaving the house?”, “And I thought that after the divorce, Kim wised up and left Kanye and his quirks in the distant past “, comment Daily Mail readers.

Well, maybe the TV star really was trying to annoy her ex-husband. 

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