Netizens criticized the new image of Rihanna, who announced a radical change in style

Rihanna totally changed her image, starting with her hair ending with her clothes. You will be shocked when you see her photos. She is like another person.

Recently, Rihanna made an unexpected statement: it turns out that she regrets the revealing outfits with which she used to often shock the public. The star has radically revised her wardrobe and will no longer allow herself any nudity – after all, she is now a mother and a “developed young lady.”

And the singer did not limit herself to just words. At the presentation of a new product from her Fenty Beauty brand, Rihanna really chose an elegant dress that was far from the most revealing style. True, it still wouldn’t be possible to call it modest—it’s let down by its impressive neckline with a push-up effect. Well, Internet users decided that the diva was simply too cramped in her new image.

“The dress looks ridiculous, it’s clearly not her size,” “It would have been nice if it weren’t for the protruding breasts and the pulled sausage legs,” “Inappropriate dress. She looks sloppy,” discuss readers of the Daily Mail tabloid. But what struck us most was one comment: “She looks like a matron in this dress.” We really didn’t expect to read something like that about Rihanna! What do you think of the singer’s new style?

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