«Would you live in this building where there are more than 30,000 people?😱 It calls it a ‘Dystopian’ apartment, where it’s even difficult to breathe.»😲

A large skyscraper in China called the “Dystopian Apartment,” with space for 30,000 people, was featured in a widely shared TikTok movie. Using a drone, @fatheristheone posted the video, showcasing the structure’s astounding scale in addition to its remarkable interior and distinctive architecture. Many people either understand what a dystopian society is or have read a book about one. These books typically show a society devoid of humanity or one that is afraid. Though most are works of fiction, some regard them as warning stories. There is now an apartment complex in China that has all the amenities required to house 30,000 people.
Alicia Loo, the principal designer of the Singapore Sands Hotel, created the Regent International apartment in Qianjiang Century City, Hangzhou. It was constructed in 2013, is 675 feet tall, and can accommodate about 20,000 people. Depending on the side, the building has 36 or 39 stories and an S-shape. With numerous people residing under one roof, it is among the most densely inhabited locations in the world. The Regent International features more than thirty stories with a variety of facilities, including nail salons, pools, and restaurants. Grocery stores and internet cafés are also present. You will find everything you require in this “dystopian apartment.”

It’s possible that many inhabitants won’t ever leave their houses again; thus, it begs the issue of whether they’ll be lacking in sunlight and fresh air. It’s crucial to remember that tenants are not required to live in a “dystopian apartment” or to remain indoors. Most of the inhabitants are college students, young professionals, or influencers who find it easy and affordable to live in an S-shaped structure. With all requirements under one roof, Regent International provides residents with very convenient living. Another big plus is affordability. The pricing and sizes of the units vary, with monthly rates starting at 1,500 RMB (about $200.00) and going up to 4,000 RMB (slightly less than $600.00).

Although some have expressed concerns about it being a “dystopian apartment,” others have applauded its creative design. As “the most sustainable living building on earth,” it has also received praise. In the middle of the US housing crisis, a special chance presents itself. A “dystopian apartment” concept could provide a way to expand living quarters without taking up a lot of land. It’s interesting to note that Whittier, Alaska, has already embraced a notion along these lines. All 272 of them live in a 14-story building that looks like an apartment complex converted from a hotel. This structure has a post office, police station, school, church, and other facilities, much like one in China.

Like anything else, there are benefits and drawbacks to this. There’s a reason the building has been dubbed a “dystopian apartment.” How many people can live in one location has always piqued the interest of many.

In general, Americans value their privacy and distance from their neighbors. They enjoy having a yard where they can unwind or play with their pets. Nonetheless, a significant disadvantage of this housing option is that residents would have very little privacy and little opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air. Thankfully, this problem is easily rectified by going for a stroll or by renting one of the bigger apartments at Regent International, which have balconies and provide some respite from the cramped living conditions.

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