«She is against plastic surgeries!😲The topic of general discussion revolved around the lips of 60-year-old Helen Hunt: what was wrong with the star’s appearance?»😳

Helen Hunt is still a role model for elegant aging. At the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, the 60-year-old actress caught everyone’s attention with her glitzy appearance. She was accompanied by her boyfriend.

Hunt chose a gorgeous halter-necked Christian Siriano dress with a peach design and sophisticated gold stilettos. As soon as she posted pictures from the event on Instagram, she received a deluge of praise. Her impeccable appearance was praised by admirers, who also praised her elegance and inherent beauty.

Many others found resonance in Hunt’s choice to forgo cosmetic surgery. She received praise from commenters for being a positive role model by following in the footsteps of actresses like Jodie Foster. Fans have praised her naturally thin lips, which are one of her distinguishing features, saying they make her seem better than those who have chosen lip augmentation.

The stunning beauty of Helen Hunt on the red carpet is proof that accepting aging naturally is a good idea.

These 15 other gorgeous Hollywood stars have chosen to age honestly, flaunting their fine lines and wrinkles with pride.

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