💥«Mom’s Handsome Boys! What Do Sandra’s 28-year-old Twin Sons Look Like?Up now she doesn’t show their photos!»😲😍

In 1982, singer Sandra met Michel Cretu, her future husband and producer. Six years later, in 1995, the couple had a lovely wedding and welcomed their twins.

Before their unhappy 17 years together ended due to the producer’s activities, as Sandra subsequently revealed, she and Michel were together. For a very long time, the parents shielded their twin kids from prying eyes.

Sandra revealed in a chat that she followed Michel Cretu’s request to keep their boys out of the spotlight. At the age of 28, Sebastian and Nikita have suddenly come into the spotlight. The boys inherited their mother’s good looks, and Sebastian followed in her musical footsteps by becoming a musician.

Supporters compliment “Mom’s handsome boys” and highlight how much Sandra looks like them

. Blessings and well wishes abound in the comments for the attractive young men, emphasizing the virtues they inherited from their well-known mothers.

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