And why is everyone so afraid of the secondary? Just look at this renovation of a destroyed apartment!

The couple didn’t have enough money to buy an excellent modern house. And they decided to buy an old one. Now look how they transformed it into a stylish and modern house as they wanted.

I’m not in the mood to overpay for modern apartments in newfangled plastic residential complexes. Beautiful, of course, but there is no soul in them, and you immediately see: these houses will not last long.

My husband and I were thinking about buying such an apartment, they say, it’s renovated right away, move in and live.

  • But this repair is not for yourself, who knows what will come out in a year or two, – our colleagues told us, – our wallpaper began to peel off, all the screws came out of the walls, the cornices fell off.

And when I calculated how much we would save when purchasing, it became clear: the difference is enough for expensive and high-quality repairs, then just refresh it a little, and live your whole life without hassle.

We bought a simple granny house in not the worst condition, but in an excellent area. And in just four months they turned our home into candy themselves!

  1. Replaced the floor.
  2. The walls were leveled.
  3. We made a redevelopment, connecting the kitchen with the room.
  4. The plumbing and wiring were completely changed.

Well, little things. The mezzanines were removed, for example. The walls were painted, the windows were refreshed.

Look how impressive a bright hallway with a black accent looks! It’s also a timeless classic.

Another classic is the kitchen. Traditional chairs are reminiscent of a café in Provence. The opening that became unnecessary was filled with a refrigerator.

The kitchen was separated from the living area by a dining group. And the living area seems warmer thanks to the laminate in the tones of noble wood.

The bedroom was decorated in a calm green color, which helps to relax.

And the youngest member of the family was created a separate little world with dinosaurs. A big fan of these lizards got Jurassic Park-themed walls. The bed matches the colors of the bookcase, the work area is suitable for games.

The bathroom was not completely covered with tiles; waterproof paint will provide an opportunity to quickly refresh the design in the future. The washing machine and cabinet were hidden in a niche, so the room did not become cramped even after installing the bathtub.

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